How to support new teachers in our schools?

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September 26, 2019

Most of us would remember our first day and first year at school!!
The initial days are a state of confusion and disorientation for almost everyone, except for the privileged lot who had a program in place for new teachers settling-in.

There are a few ways in which we can help a new teacher settle-in.

  • The top-most thing to be done is to assign a Mentor   to the new teacher.

  This helps new teachers to have a guide who will help them settle-in. In my experience I have seen that senior teachers expect new teachers to go to them and ask what to do, how to do,etc. And generally  do not guide unless asked. Having a mentor will ensure smooth functioning of the institution.

  • Inform the teachers about school traditions.

Every school has their own traditions like decorating the classrooms before the new year or preparing for events in a particular manner. The new teacher can be provide with an event list and what needs to be prepared, so that she is not caught unaware.

  • School rules/policies/terms/expectations

The School Leader should clearly communicate the school policies and also what is expected.
There are so many records a teacher has to maintain along with lesson plans. Unless clearly communicated, a teacher is bound to make mistakes.

  • Class-room observation.

A School Leader needs to assure the teacher that she/he is there only to guide and support and not judge. Teachers need to be made comfortable enough to deliver the goods.

  • Responsibilities.

The new teachers could be made in-charge of small events along with another teacher to encourage them and help them develop organization skills.

  • Pre-preparation

New teachers should be called a couple of days earlier to school to give them access to records of their classes, information on special kids, time-tables, etc. This will help them feel prepared for the first day.
To sum it up, a school, school leaders and teachers should make every attempt to make school welcoming and comfortable for new teachers. And the new teachers should do their best to learn from the experiences of their colleagues!

Be a mentor and make a difference!!

Ms.Mrunal Raiborde Londhe

A life-long learner!
Vanita Vishram Primary School

13th September 2019




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