The 3R’s of the 21st century

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June 11, 2019

*Research, Robotics & aRt*

As Daniel Pink conveys so beautifully that the illiterates of the 21st century would not be those who cannot read or write rather be those who cannot learn, unlearn or re-learn.

So basic literacy is a passe and so is *computeR 🖥, the 4th R of previous era*.  It is the innate ability to explore, be curious, travel the world observe and find out new solutions to the global challenges, in-short it’s the ability to dig deep to do *Research* 🔎.

In today’s world you are more connected online then in person. It’s the *inteRnet that is creating a Revolution*. This would be us getting deeper in @IoT (Internet of things) meaning ability to think in terms of binary numbered and artificial intelligence. Thus the second R of the 21st century would be the *Rise of Robotics* 🤖. As Yuval Harari says that the new generation would have techno-religion, driver-less cars & teacher-less schools. Today robotic maybe more of a recreational activity and hobby class in most of the schools but in times to come they would become as necessary as *Refrigerators in every home*.

In the age of digital footprints and Instagram, a picture is still worth a thousand words. Nothing conjures up human emotion then *aRt* 🎨. The world need more Van Goah and Beethovan today than ever before. *ARt would rule the 21st century*, from artist to musicians, dance performers to theater actors. In the fast paced digital world, we need play that brings joy to the heart, a smile is the lips and a world where the mind is without fear and the head is held high. Yes we needs poets and aRtists 👩🏼‍🎨.


– Dawood Vaid 🧔🏽

Growth Mindset Coach, Quizzer, loyal to House Stark 🐺 and Skill curriculum designer.

Reach him on fb/dawoodvaid / 9987060330 / twitter @CEOteacher /




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