About THT

Passionate about teaching and education, THT is a result of the quality of teachers that I saw when I went to enroll my son in preschool program. Despite being put up in a locality where there one would find the best of preschool brands, I was disappointed as I couldn’t find the best teacher for my child !

My observations about the education system often compel me to raise my voice against the injustice that I see in many schools, but then I realize it’s not the education system but the TEACHERS that need to be empowered !

Rakhee Chhabria- Founder

Early Childhood Specialist
Pre-School Consultant
Special Educator
Teacher Trainer

THT – An innovation for the teachers by the teachers!

Why TeachersHelpTeachers (THT)

What prompts me to bring about a change in the education system are my children, and my experience as a student as well as a teacher.

As a child, I never enjoyed my school experience and always wished that if I was taught in a different way, I would surely excel in certain subjects, especially Math.

When I did my teacher training and landed in the classroom as a class teacher in front of 40 children, I had very little experience as to how I will be able to guide them. But at that time, I realized what helped me sail through the initial years, was the support of my fellow teachers.

So, with this thought, I decided that teachers in India should actually have a forum/group, where they can interact with other teachers and seek ideas/guidance about teaching topics/methodologies, share information, upgrade their knowledge, and also be aware of job opportunities available within different locations or towns.

Vision of THT


THT, as a platform, is for making the teachers understand that in today’s fast paced world, resources can be bought from another teacher at the click of a button while sitting at home, instead of researching and spending time on making new ones. Every teacher, over a period of their teaching experience, is bound to develop lesson plans, presentations, posters, activities, games, etc. which can be used by fellow teachers through a channel provided to them. THT aims at building this channel by facilitating the process of exchanging ideas and resources.