Do we allow teachers to take charge? Be the catalyst!

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March 8, 2019

‘A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops’, said Henry Brooks Adams. If I had to take the license or freedom as a reader to understand what this topic suggests, I would want to get some clarity on who allows teachers to take charge. Also, the expression ‘take charge’ is quite broad in its perspective.

Since the ‘gurukul’ days when learning was passed down to the learners in all forms, predominantly spoken lessons, to the present day where a lot of facilitation has been synthesized with gaining hands on experience and developing one’s perceptions and framing the knowledge framework, a teacher has taken several charges in multifarious domains with the sole objective to leave behind the kernel of knowledge and education necessary to enable the future generation tread the path without having to fall back or feel dependent at any given point of time in life.

Teachers have to be dynamic in approach with a strong and identified vision set for the overall progress and holistic development of the society. They need to take charge and be mindful not only about the learners they are imparting education to but also of their colleagues and fellow teachers wherein through effective collaboration and inter-disciplinary discussions aim at shaping unbiased perspectives and viewpoints. Hence, it has become extremely important to train our fellow teachers and learn from each other’s expertise and experience.

For this to be realised in a better way, a core team of teachers from every organization should be entrusted with the task of identifying, evaluating, designing modules and empowering one another so that the baton can be passed on to the next eligible person or teacher who would then take charge to carry forward the noble task. To save the nation, respect and protect their teachers as they are the torchbearers for countless learners around even in this age of technological revolution when stockphrases like ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Machine Learning’ are gaining ground. A prototype to an indigenous blend and association of the AI components with the teachers to create a new revolution and accountability for life-long learning is much awaited.

Abhinandan Bhattacharya,
CAIE and IBDP English Facilitator,
MISA Resource Person,
JBCN International School, Oshiwara, Mumbai




  1. Teachers should empower other teachers to enable to carry the baton – such noble thought reflected. Every teacher does this and only if he she does this he or she should take the credit of being known as a teacher.
    Simple and profound content.

  2. Very articulate. Emphasises the core quality that a teacher should possess and practice. The art and practice of sharing knowledge with each other is imperative not just for self growth, but also to contribute to the noble profession.

  3. Eternity is the word.Few realise the importance of team.Eternity influence exists,but team of teachers well equipped by any organization will help beyond eternity.Well thought and advised

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