Do we allow teachers to take charge? Be the catalyst!

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March 8, 2019

“A good education can change anyone. A good teacher can change everything!”

Teachers should definitely be allowed to take charge, because in the end the goal is to improve children’s schooling.

The one closest to the children- ‘TEACHERS’ knows best what is needed to improve in their school which will help in children’s schooling.

Along with the control of classroom practices such as selecting teaching techniques, evaluating and grading students and determining the amount of homework, the teachers should have a control over establishing curriculum selection, instructional material, selecting topic and content and discipling students. Through this, teachers will get an opportunity to examine and redefine their roles both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers can and should be trusted to make decisions that are based upon the individual needs of learners in the classroom. Teachers should make curricular decisions that must be supported by administrators, because the process of constructing curriculum involves both individual flexibility and collective uniformity on the part of teachers, new roles can only be defined through meaningful enquiry about classroom practice and curriculum.

Until the parameters of teachers’ autonomy are defined, new roles for teachers can’t be realized.





  1. It makes a great deal of sense to only passionate educationalists . Sadly the education for most have become a business and the good teachers have started quitting .

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