About ChalkTalk

The Chalk Talk workshop is an original initiative by THT, aimed at educators for their Continuous Professional Development along with a focus on their mental and personal well being.

Teaching is indeed a challenging profession, with every advancement in education, it becomes imperative for educators to be at par with their students, be it technology or new methodology.

This need of CPD for educators has been identified by the National Council for Teacher Education [NCTE] which was published in the National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education [NCFTE] in 2009-10.

By following a continuous professional development programme educators can:

  • Explore, reflect on and develop their skills
  • Deepen their knowledge of and update themselves about their academic discipline or other areas of the curriculum
  • Understand and update themselves on educational and social issues
  • Counter the primary issues faced by them like
  • Working in intellectual isolation
  • Having limited opportunities for shared learning
  • Increase interactivity among students and other educators leading to a healthier environment.

Around the world, most countries have identified this need and have also mandated CPD for educators.

Good Education of children should be the concern of all- because it provides value to the society.

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