Continuous Professional Development for Educators- Need of the hour

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September 13, 2017

Teaching is a profession that creates all other professions. Teachers play an important role in the way we shape the future of our country and the world. Teachers are respected in all cultures and have shouldered the burden of responsibility of educating generations of engineers, doctors, lawyers, architects and many such professionals who have spearheaded the growth of mankind.
During the earlier days, before the advent of information and technology into our lives, teachers were trainers or instructors who helped students learn the subject, inspired and motivated them and were instrumental in helping students understand the importance of relationships and community. As our world started shrinking with internet in our homes, the role of a teacher evolved into that of an educator – being a role model and creating an indelible impression on the students.
Times are fast changing and with information and perceived knowledge being available at the fingertips of the young generation, educators have to keep upgrading their levels of knowledge and skills to lead this generation of well-informed children forward.
Continuous Professional Development or CPD is a process of learning and improving your knowledge and skills and applying it to your profession. In India, many professionals like doctors, lawyers, etc. have to keep themselves updated with the latest changes in their fields by undergoing courses or certifications – this is an example of Continuous Professional Development.
Imagine going to a Chartered Accountant and realising that he / she is not aware of the implications of GST on your business. You will experience an immediate loss of faith in the CA. Now imagine when parents entrust their child’s future in the hands of educators; they certainly desire that you, as an educator, are in sync with the latest innovations and have systematically developed your professional knowledge and skills. This need of CPD for educators has been identified by the National Council for Teacher Education [NCTE] which was published in the National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education [NCFTE] in 2009-10.

By following a continuous professional development programme educators can:

  • Explore, reflect on and develop their skills.
  • Deepen their knowledge of and update themselves about their academic discipline or other areas of the curriculum.
  • Understand and update themselves on educational and social issues.

Counter the primary issues faced by them like:

  • Working in intellectual isolation.
  • Having limited opportunities for shared learning.
  • Increase interactivity among students and other educators leading to a healthier environment.

Around the world, most countries have identified this need and have also mandated CPD for educators. What is required is a healthy mix of programmes designed by a central authority and voluntary initiatives taken by the educators to develop their personal and professional skills and improve their knowledge. This can lead to their own empowerment and help them with the development of the educational institution and students. CPD can have a far reaching impact on creatively using technology as a teaching aid leading to a better connect with the younger generation.



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