Facebook bets on Discover Groups to network people, not monetise: Adit Vadiya:

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September 19, 2016

Adit Vadiya, talks about Groups’ features and how the tool  is helping people and communities. Edited excerpts:

Can you share details on how Facebook Groups has evolved over the past few years?

Facebook Groups is for people to connect with the meaningful things in their life. If you have a hobby or an interest, you can join a community with people who share that interest. The product is born with this idea that there are people who share your passions and goals and help you achieve that. Mark Zuckerberg’s running group, where people share and post about their passion for running, is one of the largest groups created over the past year.

Groups is also an example of how people support each other. A group called Good Sister in Iceland-—which connects more than 50,000 women—represents more than a third of Iceland’s female population, so they connect a third of the female population and put them in a safe space. It’s a space where women can support each other.

How is Facebook Groups faring in India?

Facebook has about 1.7 billion users and over a billion people access Facebook Groups each month. In India, we started Groups in 2010 and 80 million people access groups here each month. In India, groups has empowered people to share their interests or hobbies. A group called Mumbai Moms has 70,000 members who can ask each other questions and share advice on parenting. In addition to parenting, school and education, food and sports are the other common groups in India. There is an inspiring story of a teacher who created Teachers Help Teachers, where one can share teaching tips, content and advice.

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