Fashion ideas for educators

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December 8, 2017

The profession of educators brings to mind an image of conservatively dressed sober individuals, with a stern look on their faces. This is definitely not the image you want to project as educators. On the contrary as times have evolved, values, and thought processes have evolved too. Teachers definitely don’t want to be come across as unapproachable or aloof. Instead they have discovered that the best way to connect with their students is to be approachable and friendly, while still instilling discipline.

In order to convey this message, it is important that teachers dress the part. Yes, they have to dress conservative, as in, their body should be decently covered at all times. So jeans, trousers, or chudidars/salwars (not leggings) are a good idea. These should normally be in a solid sober colour (like black, brown, navy blue, beige, etc.) so that they can be paired with many different combinations, of blouses, shirts, kurtas, or tunics. Faded or ripped jeans are an absolute no-no. They should ideally be in solid navy blue colour, and preferably a straight fit, not skinnies. Leggings may be comfortable but are too casual and clingy to wear to work, for anybody.
Using brighter, soft colours for the tops will make the wearer look approachable and friendly. Clothes in pastel colours are a great option. You can accessorise with accent pieces to enhance your look but keep it fuss-free. Dangling earrings, huge chunky neckpieces, anklets, jingling bangles, are all avoidable. Make sure to keep the hair away from the face.
Shoes should ideally be comfortable flats, keeping in mind that you have to be on your feet all day. Closed shoes are a better option since they give a neater, more formal appearance.
As a teacher/educator, you should command attention, you shouldn’t attract attention.

Rakhee Gupta

(A trained Image Consultant from India and an International Etiquette Consultant from UK, helps people become better versions of themselves through appropriate dressing, body language and etiquette. She conducts programmes on Corporate Etiquette, Finishing Programmes for adults as well as Etiquette Programmes for teenagers and children. She teaches not just the social graces, but also helps individuals build up their confidence and self-esteem, which helps them in interpersonal interactions.)



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