Hopeful Voices – Down Syndrome through poetry

By Admin

March 29, 2019

Deligently they work,
Ofcourse they are different, but

With unique in looks and intelligence,
Not by words but by work

Sincere in learning as others like you,
Yes, they have strength and power to face;
Negative is the society, however they
Dont lose our hope.
We are
Rising sunshine,
Optimistic in their thoughts,
Modest in hospitality, and
Empathetic by heart.

They are a population of same looks but different unique and pure abilities,

They accept you and a request to all of you is to:

Accept them,
Respect them,
Understand their limitations,
Allow them to grow &
Support them in their work,
With EMPATHY & not with SYMPATHY.

Innocent they are,

Love them with pure heart.

Aaishah Raye




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