How did a Teacher Make A Facebook Group Her Business Model

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September 16, 2016

Teachers Help Teachers. A story by a teacher, to all teachers. Guest Blog by:  Rakhee Chhabria, Founder-Director-Sai Eduserve

As a child I never enjoyed my school experience and always felt that if I was taught in a different way as, then I would surely excel in certain subjects, especially Math. It was with this thought, that I decided that teachers in India should actually have a digital forum where they can interact with each other, seek guidance about teaching methodologies, and learn how to be best at what they do.

What Does Teachers Help Teachers (THT) Do?  Teachers Help Teachers (THT) is a platform to make teachers understand that in today’s fast paced world, resources can be bought from another teacher, at the click of a button, rather than researching and spending time on making new ones.

The challenges I faced: I have to be the change to see a change in the way people participate and share their views online. Initially, it was very difficult to get people to share their views or get them to comment on any issue. However, as the members developed trust and faith in my community the task  got easier.


Why would any teacher want to rely on a Facebook group? Teachers get very little time in their day-to-day routine to be online and share experiences. Yet, there is a need to update our knowledge in order to be at par with the latest trends in education, and education technology. In order to keep the teachers updated, I research articles related to education and often post them with my comments and views about the same.  These articles are much appreciated by many and this keeps the group participation going!


We moderate salaries too! THT aims to become a governing body when it comes to deciding the salary of the teachers. It also aims at helping school teachers to upgrade their knowledge while they are teaching, by enabling them to sign up for courses, which will again be offered by THT.

Every Monday recruiters share their requirements for vacancies in various schools/centers/ publishing house/ content writing, which enables teachers to explore and understand the various opportunities available to them.


My two cents to all women entrepreneurs: Be the first to lead and not complain about the system! There are many who sit back and say this can’t be done, be the one to channelise this collective energy to turn it into positive! I dream to bring about a change in our education system for my children, rather all children, and I am sure to achieve it with the help of all the teachers on THT!

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