THT is a dedicated community group of teachers where teachers are free to share/seek ideas and resources from one another. This is a common platform which binds teachers together for the knowledge and dedication towards teaching.

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THT is an exclusive platform where one will be able to discover any content related to education made by the teachers/students and for the teachers/students.


For Teachers

Simply upload your content and wait for it to be sold, once sold you shall be notified about the same and the money shall be deposited in your account at the end of every month by THT.

Entitle yourself for certain free content as per the subject specialization mentioned by you.

This way THT shall help you to monetize your resources which otherwise would be lying idle on your laptop.

For Students

In case you are a student, you need to mention your subject specialization and level and then upload the resources that you have developed as a part of your course. The same procedure is followed for rating the content before it is up for sale.

This way we aim to create a customized content platform for teachers/students all over India. So in case you are looking at developing your project , or teaching a particular subject for which you need additional resources THT is the place to visit for content related to Indian Context.


Recruitment of teachers

Where there are teachers, there is bound to be a need for recruitment, we fulfill this need by bringing in schools and private coaching institutes and help you to get the right job opportunity.

Online training Programs

A teacher is someone who needs to continuously evolve and grow! In order to meet this objective THT offers online content/ course which can be viewed / taken up as a THT member. These courses will enable you to expand your professional knowledge and be at par with the latest education practices.

Subject forums

As a teacher we often have the need to exchange ideas with other subject teachers in order to understand the topic better before we implement it in the classroom as teaching is a very challenging process and at the same time very creative. Every teacher may not necessarily be creative, but with the help of other fellow teachers she can create useful ideas which can be implemented in the classroom.

Once you are a member of THT you can enter subject forums and leave your doubts/ ideas which you have for others to see and respond. Subject forums offer exclusivity as compared to an open platform where your question may get lost.


If you wish to see a change in education then blogs paves the path for bringing about a change since written word has the ability to transform into action! THT invites subject experts to write blogs on education and thus help to bring about a change in the teaching community!