Meaning of Inclusion on World Autism Day

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April 2, 2019

Being a special educator, I always hear this sentence from the parents” will she be alright, will she be able to do things as her peers? Why is my child called disabled?”

Disability is something that does not disable the person but the others close to them. We can’t see the pain they go through, we can’t see the struggle that they require to achieve anything in life. But then in life they are the ultimate winners for they are out of the so called “RAT RACE” in which we all are caught. You can call it survival of the fittest, one and the same.

Working with children with Autism and mental retardation , I have realized that it’s not they who are incapable it’s we who are incapable as we can’t make things easier for them and more than that we are unaware about how we can include THEM.

Even though there are concessions available, it requires the parents to run from pillar to post which finally gives way to the “let it be, I do not want” attitude as the process itself tires the parents out.

Parents want their children to be put into mainstream school and learn all that is taught in a NORMAL set up , but schools want them to continue being treated in a special care environment. We want our child to achieve our  expectations and  dreams, without realizing their capabilities and interest in any stream .

Rousseau said it right ” Children are pure , it’s the education that spoils them”

If we are going to be helpless and unaware then how are we aiming towards “Inclusion”

What is the use of such education which teaches an individual only to fill their stomach and not worry about the rest in the world?

what is the use of leading a selfish life where in spite of being in the mainstream you are secluded from what is happening in the world?

Aren’t children/adult with disabilities better off as they are in the true sense detached and unaware about what’s happening than people who keep quiet and see injustice prevailing?

Aren’t they better off as they will always lead a peaceful life as they are what they are, without any pretense?

What kind of future are we building for our coming generation when our present is not safe? what kind of values are we talking about instilling in our children when all that they see around is voilence?

There are too many such questions if we think and analyze our education , but then all that we have is HOPE and not answers.

So i guess parents with children with disability should be proud, and accept them for what they are as they are in the true sense “Capable and Special”


Rakhee Chhabria




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