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    I made these stickers to give feedback to my students on Seesaw and Google Classroom. You can use these stickers for any digital platform – just copy and paste or upload them from the saved file. This file has 15 motivational stickers.

     These stickers are saved as PNG images. Typically digital stickers are saved as png files so that they have transparent backgrounds. That way, they look like a “sticker” when placed on digital work.

    This is a zipped folder, so, first right click and extract the file. Then save it on your device.

     Use digital stickers to give fun feedback to students on work completed in Google Classroom and Seesaw. Digital stickers can be used during distance learning or anytime to mark up digital work completed in various online platforms. You may resize and move around the stickers however you wish. Adding stickers to student work is the exact same as adding an image to a digital program.

     Kids love stickers, and digital stickers are one way to take that fun into online learning spaces! Feedback needs to focus on the learning intentions and it needs to be purposeful. Ongoing feedback helps students try their best and think about what went well and plan their next steps. Teacher’s feedback helps students to feel proud of their work.

     Add directly to the student’s digital work. Enjoy the process of learning. You may save it to Google Keep in case you use Google Apps.

     Please leave feedback if you use this for your students. Awaiting your feedback after downloading this product!

     These stickers are for personal classroom use only. You cannot print and sell.

    Copyrights stay with My Adorable Class.

    Credits for cliparts used are in the zipped folder/product file.

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