Health and Well-being Journal / Food groups and Health

  • By Shilpa Jadhav8 Mar

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    I made this journal for my grade 2 students in order to record their personal, mental, social, spiritual and physical well-being. I wanted my students to reflect and make better choices for their growth. This journal will help students understand how physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual health are connected with each other and how they affect our health and well-being.

    When you print this file, select booklet option and 2-sided (both sides) format. Students can use it like a handbook. Select page2 to page18 for the booklet as page2 is the cover page.

    In this resource the 2 pages after the cover page are repeated 7 times (Day 1, Day 2….Day 7 ) as the data for 7 days will be recorded by students. Finally there are 2 sheets for personal reflection.

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     For personal classroom use only.

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