The EduStar Effect

By Admin

July 22, 2019

I am back to work with #EduStar effect still inside me. Now when I talk walk there is so much of #EduStar in me that reflects. I am currently in the most challenging phase as the students enrolled in Kerala center have background that pulls them back to their misery. Today I was so ready for these new challenges and gifts that I so wanted to Thank you guys deep from my heart.
Now I really know why acknowledging one’s ability and being a star in your own way is so important. Like they say with great power comes great responsibility and I felt that today as I took up the challenge head on. The Edustar in me has arrived and I know there are more Edustars that are in making in this journey. So now there are students and teachers and my whole life to grow learn unlearn and expand. Together we build this community. Together we build this world one day at a time. Thank you Rakhee and the whole team once again. Cheers!




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