THT as a recruitment platform and Governing Body

By Admin

August 24, 2017

Unlike Naukri and other job employment websites, THT aims at creating awareness among the teachers not only about the job opportunities available across towns , but also enables them to seek help and support when it comes to negotiating the salary and understanding the employers’ needs. Teachers are often exploited when it comes to salary.
THT aims to become a governing body when it comes to deciding the salary of the teachers. It also aims to help each and every teacher to upgrade their knowledge while they are teaching, by enabling them to sign up for certain courses which will again be offered by THT.
Every Monday, recruiters share their requirements for vacancies in various schools, centers, publishing houses, content writing, etc. which enables teachers to explore and understand various opportunities available to them. THT is an exclusive group for teachers and recruiters, and they are free to chat with the concerned subject teacher.