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September 13, 2017

Very often I hear many moms telling me that I love teaching my child and I think I can be a good teacher!
Well this Teachers day, let me be honest to share a few insights into the life of a teacher and who should take up teaching as a profession:
Teaching is one of the most challenging profession in our country. When I began teaching, it wasn’t easy for me either. Even though I had done a full one year E.C.C course , I was still clueless when I landed in the classroom of 40 children as their class teacher. It was thanks to the support of my fellow teachers that I understood the reality of teaching and that teaching is more about planning and researching new ideas so as to make it interesting for the students . No longer do the students wait in class for the teacher to disseminate the information as all that is done at the click of a button, or rather at the touch of a finger .
As a teacher I learn more than I taught! I remember one incident where I landed up mispronouncing the word- Talon while teaching the kindergarten class about eagles. One child did try to correct me, however since I myself wasn’t sure I landed up teaching the way I thought was right. After the class got over , I checked with my fellow teacher and realized that I was wrong in its pronunciation and the very next day apologized to my students for not being sure about what I was teaching.
That day I learnt the biggest lesson in teaching, I released that one should not be overconfident just because of the TAG-TEACHER !
Teaching for me has always been affect based, if a teacher cannot establish a good rapport with her children then her children will not land up learning the subject that she is teaching. Children do not like to learn from individuals whom they dislike. Guess as an adult too we would not like to learn anything from someone whom we dislike. A teacher apart from her pleasant demeanor needs to have loads of patience, patience to answer various questions , patience to listen to them when they want to share, while you still want to teach, patience to see them progress, patience to explain the same concept again and again till the last child gets it, patience to persist in you pursue, in short a teacher is an epitome of patience and persistence.
A teacher is an Eduhero , the one who takes charge of her class for the whole year and promises to bring about a difference in their academic levels. She /He is the one who carries the onus of planning and preparing her class to be developmentally ready for the next year and does so with willingness and passion towards teaching. A teacher who lacks the passion will be teaching from the head and not the heart.

It is important to do a quick check of the following attributes before you feel you can become a teacher:

  •  Ability to think about teaching all the time, even while asleep.
  • The quest for knowledge.
  • The pursue to make a difference- Teach tirelessly.
  • A good command over language – look up for British council English language courses to check your aptitude.
  • The ability to listen to 40 students at a time (minimum).
  • High threshold to withstand loud noise- the noise can be deafening at times.
  • Patience of course.
  • Needs to be well read and aware of latest trends- especially technology.
  • Need to be a Clown- teaching is not a serious business please.
  • Needs to be a good listener – A good short term course in counseling would help.
  • Willingness to CHANGE and LEARN- very important for a teacher.
  • A good leader – To guide her class.
  • Innovator – Should know to make the best of the available resources.
  • A good Story teller- to ignite the spark of imagination.
  • A good actor- Should not let her personal life have its effect on teaching.
  • Motivator- Positive in all situations

So now if you were asked if you would like to become a teacher, then do have the above pointers marked so as to be true to this profession and not consider this as a make to do profession. In short a teacher is someone who is always working upon herself along with working with her children to achieve a common goal –PROGRESS!

Some of the colleges that offer courses in Early Childhood Education :

  • Arya Vidya Mandir School- JUHU- 1 year Diploma,
  • Podar Jumbo Kids- 1 year Diploma recognized by U.K.
  • SNDT JUHU- 1 year Diploma.
  • Bombay Teacher training College- 1 Year Diploma.
  • SIES College- Sion -1 year Diploma.
  • Witty Kids India- Malad- 1 year Diploma.
  • Garodias Beehive- Ghatkopar-1 year Diploma Course



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