Why Books Have Margin?

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January 15, 2018

There are so many things in world that we follow unconsciously without knowing the reason behind it. One such is unknowingly leaving space on the left side of the page as margin.

Have you ever wondered why do we have margin spacing in our notebooks? Is it just to look neat or is there any profound meaning and purpose behind it? I myself never thought that margins speak to us till I got introduced to the world of Graphology. Handwriting is a complex form of communication as it involves various components to function in an integrated manner. Our fingers occupy maximum space in the brain. There are billions and billions of cells in our human brain that are interacting at jet speed. Highest % of brain cells are active when we write. When we think, and write it is written with impulses being released from our brain.

A dot on a paper is a thought, now these dots will subsequently create a line, loop, curves and angles. These can be known as graph and a study of these graphs systematically, logically and scientifically is known as Graphology.

We all have one thing universally common and that is 24 hours. A page is equal to your 24 hours. How you utilise it, is up to you. The left and the upper side of the page denotes your roots, origin, past, parents, teachers, elders, society, country, culture. Keeping space on the left margin and upper side of the page is a mark of respect to your elders and higher authority in life. This is the very reason we have margins in our notebook. I am sure you must be surprised to know the reason behind it. It guides the child’s sub conscious mind to develop healthy respect. 1/8th of width from left and upper sides is considered a normal depth margin. In the above picture you will see that the writer has unconsciously left space on the left side of an unruled paper.

Whereas the right side of the paper has no margin drawn as that denotes future, success, progress, children, communication, confidence, risk taking ability. It tells you to take full advantage of opportunities. When you are given a blank unruled page, you have the freedom to utilise the space/page as you like. So next time when you teach children to leave space and write, do remember its reason.

Right from the time we are born, our mind is getting programmed constantly by our parents and teachers. Early minds get imprinted very easily and that stays with us for a lifetime. Hence, we as educators and parents need to take utmost care. Graphology is a science that helps understand oneself and reach our true potential.

So, I urge you all to be curious and get to the why of what. The day you seek those questions, answers will come and the world will make more sense to you. We all learn the same exact formation and way of writing but still we follow our own pattern which is unique and stands for our identity, creativity, inner expression and belief systems.

That is why handwriting is rightly called as brain writing.

Chetna Teckchandani

(Practicing Handwriting Analyst and 'little people's person'. I explore the connection between handwriting and the human mind to capture your true handwritten selfie. With a post graduate in Early Childhood Education, I conduct workshops for Parents and Educators on how to read your child's mind through his drawing.)




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