Why TeachersHelpTeachers (THT)

By Admin

August 24, 2017

What prompts me to bring about a change in the education system are my children, and my experience
as a student as well as a teacher.
As a child, I never enjoyed my school experience and always wished that if I was taught in a different
way, I would surely excel in certain subjects, especially Math.
When I did my teacher training and landed in the classroom as a class teacher in front of 40 children, I
had very little experience as to how I will be able to guide them. But at that time, I realized what helped
me sail through the initial years, was the support of my fellow teachers.
So, with this thought, I decided that teachers in India should actually have a forum/group, where they
can interact with other teachers and seek ideas/guidance about teaching topics/methodologies, share
information, upgrade their knowledge, and also be aware of job opportunities available within different
locations or towns.

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