Collaborative learning for teachers- The Way Forward!

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March 18, 2019

Effectively, change is almost impossible without industry-wide collaboration,
cooperation, and consensus.” – Simon Mainwaring

We all seek a change in our education system as well as within our school system, but what stops us from rising to these changes that we wish to see? Is it the fear of
voicing our opinion, or is it because we feel we will not be heard? There could be many reasons, but one main reason for continuing to not voice our
opinion often reflects lack of collaboration .

A simple definition of collaborative learning is “Group Work”

In today’s time when education is rapidly changing and teaching is no longer what it used to be, collaboration becomes the need of the hour.

So the question that arises is “ How do teachers collaborate with other teachers?”

Thanks to Technology there are various online tools available to connect with educators outside the classroom and even across the country.
Facebook and WhatsApp being the most common tool used by Indian Educators to collaborate and learn .

Research suggests that today’s teachers and schools are more interested in teacher collaboration than previous generations. It has become important for a teacher today to work in team rather than merely expecting students to work in teams.When students work together, it contributes towards their learning goals and develops core
competencies . When teachers work together they build trust and create a positive climate in the school for sharing ideas and providing support to one another as
teaching is a demanding profession.

In the year 2015 when I started Teachershelpteachers facebook group with the idea to get teachers together on a common platform to share and learn from one another, I had no idea the impact it would create and the community and trust it would build. Today THT has become one of
the largest support group for Educators where every teacher/ educator gets to share his/her ideas and lesson
plans on the website, thereby making it available to the whole world.

What forms the basis of Collaboration?
Effective communication skill forms the core of collaboration as only when we are
able to communicate our need and problems and #ASK (many of us never ask) can
we come together to solve bigger problems.

Few ways in which teachers can collaborate :

Extend conversations beyond the classroom walls– Using twitter and other social medial tools, Teachers can now start a discussion on any topic and gain a global perspective on the same. The facebook platform itself offers varied opportunities for educators to collaborate , one can conduct polls, share multimedia, ask for feedback, connect with mentors, publish achievements and

Mentor another Teacher by enabling them in their first year of teaching which is the most unsettling period for a fresher in the teaching profession

Support a local school in your community and help their teachers build skills in areas of your expertise

Attend professional development programs to engage with the community.

Be a part of social network groups to learn from one another

Share Lesson plans , ideas as sharing is the only way one can evolve education
and help more children benefit from the same.

Share ideas on Blogs, as the blogs when published reach out to larger audience
compared to the school newsletter.

Invite a teacher in your classroom and get feedback , thus making collaboration
easier between colleagues

As educators when we begin to understand that we are not here to compete with
one another but to support one another and to lift our profession, we will
revolutionalise the teaching profession.

Rakhee Chhabria
Founder/Director- TeachersHelpTeachers
Early Childhood and Special Educator



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