Mindfulness: Full view of an empty mind

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June 5, 2018

Touch your laptop and feel the sensitivity of its hard disk, spinning at high speed. In the same way, thoughts run through our mind, most of the time not in our control. The only difference being: our sensitivity towards the mind and awareness of the cluttered thoughts in the mind. With the evolution of vocabulary of spiritual & self development terminologies, many words are interchangeably used with context. Words like meditation, mindfulness, being-in-the-now, transcendental/guided meditation etc… are meant for only one thing – No mind i.e. thoughtless or thought free mind. This is the basic prerequisite of what we call as Peace of Mind. However mindfulness as a terminology seems contradictory: mind+full, it’s not.

The fullness part of the mindfulness refers to filling the mind with void, vacuuming out the thoughts from mind in the literal sense. The approach, the methodology differs however the essence remains the same: Thought-free mind. Does it mean a person’s cluttered mind is full of thoughts while for one practicing mindfulness, its thought free? It’s full of thoughts or its thought-free is itself a thought: witnessing and being aware of this is the key.

During meditation and Personal Energy Management (PEM) workshop participants ask me, which type of meditation should I do? Will this method hinder with other methods that I’m practicing? Any type of meditation that helps you to be aware inside-out, practice Awareness in daily life is the right one. The whole crux of meditation is to make oneself subtle & settled from inside whilst doing daily stressful work. With this subtlety and settleness inside, Awareness grows and capability to channelize thoughts grows along and peace of mind is just a small by-product.

Mindfulness is again another way to increase our Awareness levels by helping the mind being subtle and settled. With mindfulness, we become aware of the hard-disk like mind and the thoughts running at a high speed. Gradually as the Awareness level rises with practice, the count & speed of thoughts also reduces drastically. With this we experience declutching of the mind, relaxing us in turn the energy earlier held by thoughts is released and made available for our focused tasks. This eventually forms kind of a self-charging mechanism. Personal Energy released by the thoughts gets channelized, in turn increases Awareness and in turn making more Personal Energy available and so on…

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  1. Nice thought. Now my mind is full of thoughts – whether how often one should try this exercise. Also should we think of mind as the motherboard? (On a lighter note ;))

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