Digital Stamps: Teacher’s feedback

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    Digital stamps allow you to give visual feedback to your students online. This is a fun way to interact with your students, the same way you would in the classroom. It can also be used while using digital platforms in our class. In this file, you will receive 12 different designs in the digital format. Each image is saved separately as jpg file with 300dpi. The jpg images have a white background. These images have high quality. High-resolution images appear crisper and more distinct. All the images are saved in a zipped folder, so right-click and extract the file and save it to your device before use.

    Adding stamps to student work is the exact same as adding an image to a digital program. These digital stamps for online learning are compatible with a wide range of online platforms such as Google Classroom, and Seesaw. Feedback has been identified as one of the most effective teaching practices. Effective teacher feedback offers opportunities for reflection and action. It encourages learning, promotes continuous improvement, and celebrates success. 

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